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Revolver Gallery’s Ron Rivlin: How To Buy A Kick-ass Work of Art

BT Toronto on Andy Warhol Revisited


“Everyone wants to own an eye-catching work of art. An investment piece that you’ll be proud to call attention to when you’re hosting a party of your most high-minded friends. But, let’s be honest, few of us actually know what to look for, or how to even go about finding “good” artwork. It takes a certain keen eye. Ron Rivlin has that eye.”
– Biance Teixeira, Sharp Magazine

Ron Rivlin, the 41-year-old-entrepreneur is the proud owner of Revolver Gallery; the world’s largest gallery-owned Andy Warhol collection, and has been buying and selling fine art for decades. A portion of Rivlin’s collection can be found at “Andy Warhol Revisited” in Toronto; Canada’s biggest-ever exhibition of the pop-artist’s work.

Bianca Teixeira of Sharp Magazine caught up with Rivlin to discuss his personal love for Andy Warhol and what it takes to get started in the art collecting game.

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